Love, Legs & Locks

Hey readers!

In honour of love month I decided to do a simple date night / night out with girls look. It’s an outfit that you can have a good time in, be comfy, and still look super cute while spending time with people you love.

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5 Women who Inspire Me

Happy February!

Since it’s love month I decided to show some love to 5 women who truly inspire me. These women have been picked from around the world, from different proffesions and from a wide age range. Many women inspire me but I thought I’d shine the light on these five. Enjoy!

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Lady Essentials – The Little Black Dress 

What says ‘classy lady’ better than the classic little black dress? Among the must haves in a lady’s wardrobe, the little black dress ranks pretty high. It can be dressed down for the office with a sleek jacket and some office heels or it can dressed up for a dinner out with no jacket on and some killer heels. Some simple jewelry would send the look all the way to 100%!!

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My Graduation Day!!!

On the 25th January 2017, I graduated from the University of Zambia with a bachelors degree in the school of Humanities and Social Sciences. It was an exciting day especially that I graduated with merit which is something I was proud of and thank God for! I also got to spend the day with people I love.. Here are some hightlights! 😉

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